Meeting the content creation needs of the agriculture community.

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All of writing is inspired by real life.
A representative photo of a cow-calf pair on our farm.
Cattle have been a part of my life from the very beginning.
Sharing a sweet moment with my Half-Arabian mare, Sally.
Harmony, the first of two donkeys on our farm, is Sally's companion.
Goobie, our newest donkey addition, lives with my American Warmblood gelding, Bucky.
Bucky adds laughter to the farm.
When you hire me for your content creation needs, I bring the value of hard work crafted on the farm.
My extensive background in agriculture helps me to understand your writing needs.
Our farm is a TN Century Farm.
Our 1927 farmhouse, built by my husband's grandparents, was a 3-year restoration project.
Enjoying a quite moment with my husband, Neal.
No farm is complete without one or more resident farm dogs. Pictured is one of our two Border Collies, Gus.
From the earliest available moments I was active in supporting ag organizations.
Always active in ag, even in college.
My office showcases many of my favorite things. It's where the magic of writing happens.
Bucky is a delight around the farm.
Bucky's personality is as big as he is.