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Fun fact alert. Waaaaay back in 1984 I wrote a letter seeking pen pals that published in Western Horseman magazine’s Junior Horseman department. I received a ton of letters and did connect with several pen pals that I corresponded with for several years. One pen pal became a good friend and during one of the few times that my family was able to take a vacation away from our farm we drove to Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana to visit family. It was on one of those trips to Kentucky that I was able to meet her in person at her family’s farm. That young girl who was excited even to see her letter published in one of her favorite horse magazines could not possibly have imagined what would happen thirty-nine years later.

Fast forward to 2023 and the magazine that I loved growing up is now a new client! In 2024 you will see my writing featured in the April, August, and October print issues. I will have a feature piece in the April issue and department pieces in August and October. I will also be writing a bi-monthly digital health column in 2024 with digital articles publishing in January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October, and November/December!

What makes writing for Western Horseman magazine so special?

  • The magazine has been published since 1936! That is 87 years in business!
  • It enjoys a total circulation of 130,000 and a total magazine readership of 350,000.
  • It has a huge social media following and on Facebook alone has more than 530,000 followers.

As relevant today as it was when I was first reading it, the magazine continues to inspire trust and a loyal following from its fans. I am honored to be providing content for this truly amazing publication.