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Always Hope: How Dairy Cows and Arabian Horses Inspired Grit in a Young Girl's Life

Always Hope: How Dairy Cows and Arabian Horses Inspired Grit in a Young Girl's Life

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How fun to discover that a rural farm girl (the author) and a big city girl (me) have so much in common! Born horse crazy, we both worked to buy our horses, became teachers, fell in love with a Crabbet Arabian, married (our husbands) late, and became horse authors. I have a new sister! (Janet)

I enjoyed this book on my kindle so much that I bought the paperback for my husband who refuses to use the kindle! (F. Panter)

Wonderful farming family love story. Such a treasure during a time when everyone is investigating their lineage. Very much recommended. (Lori Stone)

Incredible story about hard work and perseverance in the face of many obstacles. The story is light-hearted and comical but also embodies a tone of truth. Great read! (Dannie)

I bought this for a sweet friend and this is her review: I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was so great to read about my family and community. It was a short, easy, and fun read! (Kristy L. Shockley)

I just love author Hope Ellis-Ashburn, who I met at the 2019 American Horse Publications annual conference in Albuquerque. Hope and I are both members of this professional organization of people in the equine media industry. As we sat chatting during a conference lunch I found Hope to be genuine, even and I hesitate to use ‘down-to-earth’ but it fits. Hope is also funny with a measure of the self-deprecating humor I find refreshing.
Her latest book, “Always Hope: How Dairy Cows and Arabian Horses Inspired Grit in a Young Girl’s Life,” is a beautifully, well-told story about her growing up on a farm in southeastern Tennessee, where her family still lives. It’s a quick read that will grab you at its introduction and carries you laughing, curious, and sometimes tearful through its epilogue about 100 pages later. It's worth your treasure and time to buy it. And, it would be a fabulous holiday or birthday gift to any horse lover or good book reader. (Janet de Acevedo Mcdonald)

Just finished reading this book. I liked it a lot. I learned a lot, too. It took me to my childhood which was different but the same. Always working while visiting my grandparents in the country. A lot of animals around that need 24/7 care. Although I never rode on a back of a horse, I learned to ride them with a cart which was the main means of transportation in the country back in the days where I am from. I enjoyed the humor of the book. I couldn’t wait to see the title of the following chapter which is a story on its own. Great job. Sincere, honest, and interesting. (Natalia)

Hope Ellis-Ashburn takes readers through the tenacity, challenge, and also the pride of hard work one develops from growing up on a southern farm. In her memoir, Hope reflects on how rich life becomes when one respects her roots, yet travels her own path, develops a strong work ethic, and finds love in both a special horse and human. An educational and enjoyable read! (Carly Kade)

I got "Always Hope" in a swap for my book, "Cane Creek Days." It was a great deal from my standpoint. It's refreshing to read such an inspiring story and even better because I know her and her Dad. She's just as genuine as her book. And her book is a real story, and all the more compelling for its authenticity. (WW)

I thoroughly enjoyed this insight into farming life in the US. The social history was fascinating then I was so drawn into Hope's life. What some people might see as hard, I read as the story of a strong woman; a view into unacknowledged roles that women have in agriculture. Brilliant. (Anna R.)

Paperback | 123 pages | $9.50 USD | 978-1794616288 | March 26, 2019