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Articles by Hope Ellis-Ashburn
Hoof Beats magazine is the official publication of the United States Trotting Association. My work for them includes articles on horse health and land management.

1.) Water Wisdom: Water can act as a feed enhancer as well as a thirst quencher (Horse Care Feature. July 2024 issue.)

2.) The Long Haul: Tips & Tricks for long-distance travel by trailer (Horse Care feature. June 2024 issue.)

3.) Beat it, Bugs: Proper biosecurity takes thorough planning and consistent execution (Horse Care Feature. May 2024 issue.)

4.) Fast Foods: Balancing a racehorse's nutritional needs is key for optimal performance (Horse Care Feature. April 2024 issue.)

5.) Sticking to It: An overview of AAEP recommended vaccination guidelines (Horse Care Feature. March 2024 issue). Sticking to It

6.) Stomach Ache: Equine gastric ulcers affect a high percentage of racehorses. (Horse Care Feature. February 2024 issue.)

7) Close Watch: Managing high-risk pregnancies can be challenging but also rewarding. (Horse Care Feature. January 2024 issue.) Close Watch

8.) Baby Care: Be prepared for the risks that can threaten a newborn foal. (Horse Care Feature. January 2024 issue.)

9.) Sneaky Disease: Two veterinary experts weigh in on equine proliferative enteropathy (Horse Care Feature. November 2023 issue.)

10.) Parasite Patrol: The mundane routine of deworming can prevent some serious health issues for your horse. (Horse Care Feature. October 2023 issue.)

11.) Breathe Easy: An overview of airway abnormalities (Horse Care Feature. September 2023 issue.)

12.) Net Results: Haynets are more complicated than they seem (Horse Care Feature. August 2023 issue.)

13.) Beating the Heat: A closer look at heat stress (Horse Care Feature. July 2023 issue.)

14.) Hot and Bothered: A mysterious liver disease affects horses in the Midwest (Horse Care Feature. June 2023 issue.)

15.) Stressed Out: Overview of musculoskeletal injuries in Standardbred horses (Horse Care Feature. May 2023 issue.)

16.) Catching Some Z's: Is your horse getting enough sleep? (Horse Care Feature. April 2023 issue.)

17.)  From the Hip: Early detection and a strict regimen can help improve return from pelvic fractures (Horse Care Feature. March 2023 issue.) From the Hip

18.) Joints in Jeopardy: A closer look at osteochondritis dissecans (Horse Care Feature. February 2023 issue.) Joints in Jeopardy

19.) Postpartum Care 101: A guide to caring for mare and foal during and after birth (Horse Care Feature. January 2023 issue.)

20.) Equine Pregnancy: The basics of embryonic development (Horse Care Feature. January 2023 issue.)

21.) Equine Blindness: Three veterinary ophthalmology experts weigh in on the causes, symptoms, and treatments (Horse Care Feature. November 2022 issue.)

22.) All About Asthma: Medication, improvements to environment still keys to treatment of this equal opportunity disease (Horse Care Feature. October 2022 issue) 

23.) Tendon Troubles: A fresh look at regenerative therapies (Horse Care Feature. September 2022 issue.) Tendon Troubles

24.) To Stress or Not to Stress? A leading expert offers a different perspective on trailer stress (Horse Care Feature. August 2022 issue.)

25.) Investigating Thumps: Condition brought on by electrolyte imbalance can be easily treated (Horse Care Feature. July 2022 issue.)

26.) A Dirty Topic: Fundamentals of manure management (Horse Care Feature. June 2022 issue.)

27.) Delving into Dry Lots (Horse Care Feature. May 2022 issue.) Horse Care: Delving into Dry Lots - Harness Racing Fan Zone

28.) Pasture Management 101: Learn your land's role in nurturing horses (Horse Care Feature. April 2022 issue.)

29.) The Tails Have It! (Horse Care Feature. March 2022 issue.)

30.) Mare Matters: Lights and ovulation drugs play a role in cycling, conception (Horse Care Feature. January 2022 issue.) Mare Matters - Harness Racing Fan Zone

31.) Give a Boost: Veterinary specialists explain the nuances of semen extenders (Horse Care Feature. January 2022 issue.) 

32.) My Back Hurts! (Equine Clinic. November 2021 issue.)

33.) Digging Into Tying Up (September 2021 issue.) Equine Clinic: Digging into Tying Up - Harness Racing Fan Zone

34.) Successful Re-entry (Equine Clinic. August 2021 issue.) 

35.) Back on the Track (Equine Clinic. April 2021 issue.)

36.) Back in Business: Cattlewash (Equine Clinic. March 2021.) 

37.) Phenomenal (Equine Clinic. January 2021 issue.) Phenomenal - Harness Racing Fan Zone

38.) Heart and Soul (Equine Clinic. January 2021 issue.)

39.) Determined (Equine Clinic. December 2020 issue.)

40.) New Horizon (Equine Clinic. November 2020 issue.) New Horizon - Harness Racing Fan Zone

41.) Back in Business: Proof (Equine Clinic. October 2020 issue.) 

42.) Back in Business: Charmbo Chrome (Equine Clinic. September 2020 issue.)

43.) Iron Will (Equine Clinic. August 2020 issue.) Iron Will - Harness Racing Fan Zone

44.) Headed for the Hills (Feature. May 2020 issue.)

45.) World Class (Equine Clinic. March 2020 issue.) World Class - Harness Racing Fan Zone

46.) Tried and True (Equine Clinic. February 2020 issue.)

47.) Rapid Recovery (Equine Clinic. January 2020 issue.)

48.) Cause for Concern (Equine Clinic. December 2019 issue.)

49.) In the Groove (Equine Clinic. November 2019 issue.)

50.) Back on Pace (Equine Clinic. October 2019 issue.)

51.) Long Shot (August 2019 issue.) Equine Clinic - Longshot - Harness Racing Fan Zone