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Articles by Hope Ellis-Ashburn
My work for Horse Illustrated runs the gamut from horse health to showing to training and more!

1.) Horses at the Heart (January/February 2024 issue)

2.) Equine Safety Net Programs (November/December 2023 issue) Equine Safety Net Programs

3.) Adopting a Companion Horse (October 2023 issue)

4.) American Warmblood (October 2023 issue)

5.) Prepping for Disaster (September 2023 issue)

6.) Thoroughbred Makeover (August 2023 issue)

7.) An Equine Adoption Center (July 2023 issue) 

8.) Teach Your Horse to Self-Load (May 2023 issue)

9.) Adopt a Horse Month (May 2023 issue) Adopt a Horse Month

10.) Founder Recovery (April 2023 issue)

11.) Reimagining Racers (March 2023 issue) Reimagining Racers

12.) The Next Level (January/February 2023 issue) The Next Level

13.) Social Media Critics (October 2022 issue) Social Media Critics

14.) Breed Specialization (June 2022 issue) Stock Horse Breed Specialization - Horse Illustrated

15.) Caring for an Orphan Foal (March 2022 issue) Adopting an Orphan Foal

16.) Understanding Insulin Resistance (March 2022 issue) Understanding Insulin Resistance

17.) Why You Should Participate in Horse Breed Association Recreation Riding Programs (Digital. December 2021.) Horse Breed Association Recreational Riding Programs (

18) Planning for a Safe Landing (January/February 2022 issue) Prepare Your Horse for a Safe Landing

19.) Teaching an Older Horse New Tricks (November/December 2021 issue) Teaching an Older Horse New Tricks - Horse Illustrated

20.) Moody Mares (September 2021 issue) Moody Mares: Curing Common Behavior Issues

21.) Seven Riding and Longing Exercises to Improve Your Skills When You're Crunched for Time (Digital. July 2021.) Longeing and Riding Exercises for a Time Crunch - Horse Illustrated

22.) Nexus Equine 4-H Challenge: A makeover just for youth (September 2020 issue) Nexus Equine 4 (

23.) Help a Local Equine Rescue (July 2020 issue) How to Help a Local Equine Rescue - Horse Illustrated

24.) Giving Back: How to Foster a Horse in Transition (June 2020 issue)

25.) An Equine Massage Therapist and Chiropractor Combine Forces to Heal a Mystery Lameness (Digital. May 2020.) Combining Forces to Heal a Mystery Lameness - Horse Illustrated

26.) Making Adoption Easier (June 2020 issue) Making Horse Adoption Easier - Horse Illustrated

27.) Joining Forces (May 2020 issue) Horse Adoption - Joining Forces - Horse Illustrated

28.) Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals (April 2020 issue) Weight Loss Goals for Equestrians - Horse Illustrated

29.) An Innovative Rescue (January 2020 issue) Love This Horse Equine Rescue: An Innovative Rescue (

30.) Fall Wellness Countdown (November 2019 issue) Fall Wellness Countdown for Your Horse's Care - Horse Illustrated

31.) Time on Your Side (January 2019 issue) Time-Saving Hacks for Daily Barn Chores - Horse Illustrated