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Articles by Hope Ellis-Ashburn
My writing for EQUUS is very varied. I have written true stories about my life with horses along with articles about horse health, trailering, and farm and equipment maintenance.

1.) Horse Keeping Without a Barn (Summer 2021 issue)

2.) Sweet Harmony (Autumn 2020 issue)

3.) Little Wonder (June 2018 issue) Little wonder - Equus Magazine

4.) Lesson Learned (May 2018 issue) Lesson learned - Equus Magazine

5.) 8 ways to make a dry lot your horse will love (April 2018 issue) How to make a dry lot your horse will love (

6.) Return to Milky Way Farm (October 2017 issue) Return to Milky Way Farm - Equus Magazine

7.) What you need to know about trailer tires (August 2017 issue) Trailer tire check-up (

8.) Another reason to ride (May 2017 issue) Riding incentive programs (

9.) The second time around (February 2017 issue)  The second time around (

10.) 10 Tips for Traveling Solo with Your Horse (January 2017 issue) 10 Tips for Traveling Solo With Your Horse (

11.) Alone but not lonely: Keep your single horse happy (October 2017 issue) The power of one (

12.) Well remembered (September 2017 issue) Well remembered (

13.) Neglected or Just Thin? When to call for help (August 2016 issue) Neglected or just thin? When to call for help (

14.) Make the Most of Your Riding Lessons (April 2016 issue) Make the most of your riding lessons (

15.) Riding Trim (February 2016 issue) Losing weight and riding better (

16.) The Right Horse at the Right Time (November 2015 issue) The right horse at the right time (