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Articles by Hope Ellis-Ashburn
My work for Hobby Farms includes a regular column, From My Farm, and feature stories. My articles are primarily do-it-yourself in nature and are aimed toward the small/hobby or beginner farmers.

1.) Recognizing & Treating Bloat (June/July 2024 issue) (From My Farm column)

2.) Growing Hay (May/June 2024 issue) (From My Farm column)

3.) Pumpkins & Gourds (March/April 2024 issue) (From My Farm column) 

4.) Cattle Castration Methods (January/February 2024 issue) (From My Farm column) Cattle Castration Methods

5.) Raising Mushrooms (November/December 2023 issue) (From My Farm column) Raising Mushrooms

6.) Processing a Slaughter Hog (September/October 2023 issue) (From My Farm column) Processing a Slaughter Hog

7.) Equipment Fires (July/August 2023 issue) (From My Farm column) Equipment Fires

8.) Tractors vs. Skid Steers (May/June 2023 issue) (From My Farm column)  Tractors vs. Skid Steers

9.) Sweet Corn (March/April 2023 issue) (From My Farm column) Sweet Corn

10.) Farming Organizations (January/February 2023 issue) (From My Farm column) Farming Organizations

11.) Farm Wells (November/December 2022 issue) (From My Farm column) Farm Wells

12.) Direct Farm Sales (September/October 2022 issue) (From My Farm column) Direct Farm Sales

13.) Feeder Calves (July/August 2022 issue) (From My Farm column) Feeder Calves

14.) Growing Peppers (May/June 2022 issue) (From My Farm column) Growing Peppers

15.) Sheep and Goats (March/April 2022 issue) (From My Farm column) Sheep & Goats Have Year-Round Small-Farm Value - Hobby Farms 

16.) Budget Handling Facilities (January/February 2022 issue) (From My Farm column) 3 DIY Livestock Handling Facilities That Inspire - Hobby Farms

17.) Home Chicken Processing (September/October 2021 issue) (Feature) Beat Supply Shortages With Home Chicken Processing - Hobby Farms

18.) Open the Hatch (March/April 2021 issue) (Feature) Keep These Things In Mind When Buying Spring Chicks - Hobby Farms

19.) The Ultimate Small Farm Hog Guide (June 2020 issue) (Feature) Small Farms Are Perfect For Raising Pigs On Pasture - Hobby Farms